Personal Industrial Safety CO.


To be Sri Lanka’s reputed Personal and Industrial Safety Equipment Provider with a comprehensive wide range of products.


Our mission is to put Safety First and lead the way in providing safety information and safeguard lives.


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About Personal &Industrial Safety Co.

We were established in 2009 as a Personal & Industrial Safety Company with 4 decades of wide experience in Personal Protective Equipments under our belt. We provide quality products and information to those who want to safeguard their lives. Our comprehensive product range can bring customers satisfaction on all levels.

Our Company

Personal & Industrial Safety Co, was established in 2009 at No. 12A, Supermarket Building, Borella with a full range of comprehensive safety products which match personal and Industrial needs.

Our product range includes Personal Protective Equipment(PPE), Protective Apparels, and Industrial Safety Equipment which will ensure total protection at the workplace

Our establishment is capable of Manufacturing, Exporting, Importing and Distributing to the Government boards, departments, corporations, authorities, and leading private organizations

As we respect the value of life we supply high-quality and durable products are manufactured in our factory. These products are manufactured with local and imported raw materials. and imported comprehensive products from countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India, China Australia, Germany, Poland, South Africa, and Japan. it's with pleasure that we inform you that we are "Your Trusted Partner In Safety."